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Get the settlement you deserve and hire a Licensed Public Adjusters,
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“Our SCOPE gives you hope”

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Our goal is to be FAIR with your claim,
when we mediate with your company adjuster.

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Our Services

Insurance Claim Adjusters in CT
Residential Public Adjuster

As a certified public adjuster, we will be at your home immediately to assess the damage and begin the process of recovery. Protect Yourself, the Licensed Public Adjuster is there to negotiate for you.

Insurance Claim Adjusters in CT
Commercial Public Adjuster

We are as a certified commercial public adjusters have helped many businesses recover from disasters of all types and sizes. Contact us immediately and we will be there for you 24 X 7

Insurance Claim Adjusters in CT
Multi Family Public Adjuster

We have years of experience in successfully handling multi-family complex, condo, townhouse, and apartment insurance claims.

Most Trusted And Affordable Public Adjuster Services

We are advocates for the insured. We help the homeowner, business owner, condo owner, renter or anyone else who has suffered
an insurance loss in Connecticut. As a Certified and Insured Public adjuster in Connecticut, help you to negotiate with your insurance company
and help you with the complexities of filing your insurance claim. We are most affordable and trustworthy insurance adjusters in Connecticut


When should I start talking to a PA after I suffer from a loss?
Immediately. The sooner the better due to the handling on the initial process. We know the duties you as the insured must handle regarding your claim. It states in your policy the actions you as the insured must do ASAP. These actions prevent further damage to your structure and contents.
We also can assist in the process of temporary housing for you to stay in. This is called ALE (advance living expense). We assist in a place to stay to fit accommodations you need while your home is being repaired. This includes lodging and food for you and your family that were staying there as well as pets that were part of your home.
How does a PA represent me and my business?
When your business is interrupted by a loss, we submit receipt to capture the income loss. We also inventory your stock that can no longer be resold. We also will work with the company adjuster on relocating you to be back in business.
How do know on hiring the right Public Adjuster?
Your first instinct after introduction, you can identify their diligence, professionalism and assurance. We can give you referrals you can ask yourself on how we accommodated them.
How much does it cost to hire them?
We only take 10% (Ct. State Law) of the structure and contents claim that’s meditated by us and the insurance adjuster. We do not take a fee for ALE. On large losses it’s negotiable depending on circumstances.
Will I as the insured be involved in the decision making?
Yes, we as your Public adjuster include you on all aspects of the claim. We copy you on every move we make with your permission and its documented in your file.
How are the contents handled by your company?
We do all your inventory on site internally. We detail all items with photos and they are described and detailed properly. We then on an excel spreadsheet have each item listed with a monetary value supported by a hyperlink to justify the cost.
When I hire a Public adjuster what do I need to do?
For us to represent you on your claim an authorized retainer is required. This allows us to start in handling the duties of you as the insured with your carrier.
What are the steps after we authorize the retainer?
We would contact the company adjuster and meet with him/her to do a scope at the loss location.
We then would assist on the steps to expedite the claim with documentation.
We then put our estimate on the repair in an excel spreadsheet of contents that were damaged.
These steps are all done with you as the insured being notified and given copies of everything we submit to the carrier. We then negotiate or mediate on a dollar figure in order to have the home or business brought back to normal. We contact you to get permission before giving the company adjuster the agreed amount.
How much out of pocket from us is due the Public Adjuster?
Zero. We only get our fee or % when the insurer sends the checks. We then due a simple exchange check with you the insured.
What are the differences in company adjusters, independent adjusters and public adjusters?
Company adjusters are paid and supported to represent the insurance company. Independent adjusters are third-party adjusters to do the same as a company adjuster and work the company that hires them. They are the eyes and ears for the insurance company.
Public adjusters are representing you personally the insured. We detail and negotiate what you need in a documented estimate all the work along with the contents damaged to get your home or business back to previous status. This includes a detailed list of all damaged contents with pricing and hyperlinks to represent the cost. We also have the knowledge to economically protect you from out of pocket costs.
As your public adjuster we are your “point person” for contractors as well as other sub-contractors. This is all done with your permission and documentation.
We also take all the grief and stress you would acquire and educate you on all aspects of your claim. We detail and negotiate a documented estimate with company adjuster that is agreeable to the insured.
When I hire a Public Adjuster what are my main advantages?
1)The stress and burden we take off you is priceless. We take a large amount of pressure off you by representing you.
2) We have the experience and knowledge on what action needs to be done by avoiding further damage.
3) The scope (measurements and work involved) we do on all rooms and format that’s to be taken to bring them back to previous condition.
4) The mediation and negotiating with the company adjuster. We get you a FAIR dollar amount to give you to get everything done with no surprise out of pocket cost to you.
5) There are occasions of supplement actions that may be covered after the initial settlement.

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Insurance Claim Adjusters in CT

John J. Lyden II
Certified Public Adjuster in CT

We are available to assist with residential, commercial,
condominium associations and large residential losses in Connecticut. We have a long list of satisfied clients that will explain and prove our expertise.

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