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Whatever damage your property has sustained, our public adjusting services can meet your needs for someone working on your behalf: a dedicated public insurance adjuster in Connecticut. Our service is unparalleled. Our reach is widespread. We helped thousands of homeowners, businesses and organizations throughout Connecticut successfully recover from all types of disasters. We encourage you to get in touch with our references.

The Difference

We work only for you, never for the insurance company. We approach your claim from a position of advocacy and handle every step to get you what you are entitled to from your policy.

We believe in service, transparency, honesty, and adhering to the Golden Rule. And we're not opposed to sharing some laughs while we're at it.

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The Best and Trustworthy Adjuster in Connecticut

We will at “NO FEE” or any monetary exchange do a scope along with provided information given. If our legit and FAIR estimate is not greater than the insurers, then there is no charge to you.

Why Us?

Affordable Public Adjuster in CT
Our prices are very affordable too, so whenever you need our help you will always receive a very affordable experience that you will enjoy. You don’t have to worry about anything, we are here to assist and we will always provide the best public adjuster experience in Connecticut.!
Simple Approach
Our approach is simple, efficient and designed to help you receive the best financial settlement you can get. We even have a unique approach that will help provide you with professional and reliable public insurance adjuster experience right from the start.
Receive payment soon
We know how to expedite the settlement of your claim so you receive payment much sooner than would otherwise be possible. Furthermore, we have been successful obtaining interim funds, fast, to aid in the recovery process even before a settlement is reached.

Spot Light

John Lyden
John J. Lyden II
Licensed Public Adjuster

My job is to represent you and gain what you need as the insured.

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